Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thom Hartmann is a pseudo-intellectual moron, continued

Last night I presented my last blog post about Hartmann to members of his own chat room then challenged them to debate it-- JUST ANOTHER WILD AND CRAZY SATURDAY NIGHT! No one debated it. In fact, a man who used the handle "offtherez" discussed Hamilton with me; he directed me to a site that continued to debunk Hartmann's myth that Hamilton's economic system was a wonderful thing that remained untouched UNTIL REAGAN CAME ALONG AND WRECKED EVERYTHING.

from said site:

"Hamilton's 1791 'Report on Manufactures' is one of the most important documents in early U.S. history. In it, the Treasury Secretary outlines and explains in detail America's future as a great manufacturing nation. Along the way, he praises the British factory system — specifically for its employment of women and young children. 'It is worthy of particular remark that, in general women and children are rendered more useful, and the latter more early useful, by manufacturing establishments than they would otherwise be.'

Just after praising Hamilton for using the word 'diversity,' which will 'please modern ears,' Chernow faces the unpleasant task of explaining this passage. Hamilton notes approvingly that in British textile mills, the women and children form more than half the work force, 'of whom the greatest proportion are children and many of them of a very tender age.'"

Admittedly, I have never read "Report on Manufactures" in its entirety. I tried to locate the whole document on the internet to no avail. I read only portions of it and excerpts that were used in analysis of it. Otherwise, I would have noticed this hilarious detail.

Let's inspect Hartmann's quotation again: "Congress actually put [Hamilton's plan] into place in 1792, and it stood until Ronald Reagan came along and started deconstructing this..." He urged Obama to re-implement Hamilton's plan-- an obsolete plan that was abandoned almost entirely during Franklin Roosevelt's administration and whose basic fundamentals (maintaining banks, subsidizing businesses, etc) have not and will never be abandoned. When the U.S. practiced Hamilton's plan, children of a "very tender age" were put to work in factories until THAT EVIL BASTARD ROOSEVELT-- or was it Reagan?-- came along. If we interpret Hartmann's quotation literally, he is urging Obama to attempt to eliminate Roosevelt's Fair Labor Standards Act and put THOSE GODDAMN KIDS TO THE WHIP.

Fucking. Idiot.


Interstate navigational technician said...

You're absolutely correct. He believes he knows it all.
Just now he promoted the Republican talking point expressed by Satorum, about history not being taught in California Universities. Without further investigation. Mr. Hartmann advanced that.Saying that was true if you're talking about the medical schools. That's a lie.Hiatory is taught at 100% of California Universities. The medical schools teach medical history.
Mr. Hartmann has a talk only and never listen mentality. If he just listened he might have a better grasp on reality instead of his preconceived Thom only rant about subjects he knows nothing about.
Another case in point is his perception that propane or alternative energy is a form of propulsion for 80,000 pound trucks. Diesel is used because it is not the horsepower but, the torque that pulls the load. A alternative would have to develope the torque without blowing the cylinder heads offthe block of the engine. The engineering that goes into propulsion may just be left to the engineers of propulsion instead of the duface with a microphone.

kuba polonski said...

Yep. Sometimes I'm in disbelief listening to this guy talking about stuff he has no idea about, bending and manipulating facts to fit his little dumb theories. Today I heard him yapping about warming of the oceans that creates meyhane that creates warming by 5 degrees for the first time in half a million years which blah blah. Jot long ago he was claiming that according to some reaseach happiness of people increases in direct proportion to tax rise. I do 't k ow what drugs this guy is on but I want some